In Conversation with Staša Randall

Creative Director,


Stasha Randall.jpg

Which past experiences would you say have shaped your work, design sensibilities, & aesthetic?

I shaped a lot through University. I was always around designs & sewing since I was little because my mum was a costume designer. Since then I have known that I want to be a fashion designer. I went to the textile & fashion design high-school in Croatia, and then studied textile and fashion design at University. I also studied in France at Ensait. After that I realised that I needed to gain practical experience and went on to do three internships in London. One of them was with fashion designer Roland Mouret where I learned all about running a company behind the big doors. How they work at the collections, etc. All these steps in my life shaped me as a person and helped me decide that I want my own brand. My first Bamboo Collection was developed during my Master’s degree as my final work. 


What’s your personal style?

I am a very plain person. My wardrobe is black, grey, and a couple of white shirts. My style is very similar to my collection. Very minimal, very plain, simple and comfortable. I don’t prefer colours personally. I have recently started to experiment with green and burgundy. I am usually always working, so I prefer simple comfortable clothing. And I love trainers!


What inspires your work?

The Asian culture, especially the Japanese significantly influences my work. The bamboo, oversized cuts, wedges for footwear, the kimono shape of the coats that I use. Also, my minimal side is inspired by the Scandinavian culture. When I start my collection I usually look to architecture for inspiration. It has a massive impact on my work.


What is your vision for your craft?

I want to open my own store eventually. I want to get stocked at the big retailers, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, etc. It’s my goal. 


Who are your favourite artists in your field of work?

One of my favourites would be Coco Chanel. All her patterns & cuts, inspire my collections. I especially like her straight cuts. Also, Alexander McQueen is someone I really want to follow. He inspires me to be experimental like I did with Bamboo. So it’s not very wearable, but it is. 


Your favourite travel destination & why?

I am usually in London and Croatia. Because I come from a seaside city, I love the sea and I love any country by the sea. I really want to visit Norway once because the Scandinavian culture has such a strong influence on my work. My favorite place would be the Netherlands. Very chilled, very pretty country, I feel like I can live there forever.  


Your favouritee book, film, activity - that motivate & inspire you.

I like to read the Business of Fashion in my free time. They always give me a good insight into the industry, all the news I need to know. All the Alexander McQueen movies that recently came out are brilliant, and I really love them. Every time I am feeling demotivated, I watch them and get inspired to keep striving for success. 


Tell us something about your brand.

I want people to be comfortable in my clothes. When I am designing I think, will I wear this or not? I always ask my friends for feedback on my designs. I want to hear what other people think. My designs are a little oversized, but they are very feminine, and I want that when you wear my stuff you can go to work and you can go out in the same outfit. So you can style it up, and style it down. It is very functional. Also, at the showcase of my last collection, Quality, I received a few orders from Men as well. So it has an Androgynous element to it as well.


What value are you trying to create through your work? 

I am trying to use more organic textiles now. I would like to stop using polyester completely, but it is a little difficult to replace. I am trying to find alternative fabrics. Everything is handmade in Croatia. I have a small factory with about ten ladies, and they hire people with special needs. I massively support this.