In Conversation with Ramona Erb

Creative Director,

Ramona Erb

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Which past experiences would you say have shaped your work, design sensibilities, & aesthetic?

With 22 years, I moved from a small village in Switzerland to Berlin and lived there for almost 9 years. The time in the rude city really shaped my work. Most of the people there on the street are unfriendly, disrespectfully and straight. I think this behaviour and how people treated each other had a big impact on finding my inspiration and designing my collections. Also the huge flow of refugees from Syria had a big impact to found my brand with social engagement, finding my inspiration in political and social injustices.


What is your personal philosophy in life?

I always had a good life: luck, healthiness, a lovely family, enough money to live and I could study what I preferred. If you have this privilege, you should give something back to people, who don't`t have the same luck. Do good and receive good.


What inspires your work?

Political and social injustices. Always latest news or themes like wars, plastic wastes, animal huntings or violation and abuses of women and children.


How would you define your personal style?

It`s sporty and elegant with a touch of rebel.


What is your vision for your work?

   In every season I donate for every sold piece 10 Euro for a charity organisation. The people should think about the origin and the production of their clothes. They should not not buy clothes for 5 Euros. My clothes are made in Switerland and Germany. So if they buy my clothes, the origin and the quality is sustainable and in a second way they donate for a charity organisation and spend the money meaningfully.


Who are your favourite artists?

AKRIS, Chloé. Stella Mc Cartney, Lala Berlin, Marina Hoermanseder, Collective Swallow, After Work Studio, Marcel Ostertag. My list list endless. It gives so many talented designers in the world.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

I mean of course I absolutely adore Paris but it gives so many beautiful countries that you can`t name a favourite travel destination. But also I definitely love Australia. This country has a special fragrance, a special air.



Your favourite activity that motivates & inspires you?

My favourite book is from Margaret Mazzantini “ das schönste Wort der Welt” and the biography from Muhammed Ali. The film coll runnings – nothing is impossible, the documentary “Last Man in Aleppo” which is the inspiration for my new collection SW20 and the song from Dermot Kennedy “Power over me”


Tell us something about your brand.

My brand RAMONAERB is related to social engagement. In every season I donate with every sold piece 10 Euro for a charity organisation. My first season was about the extinction of Orang-Utans in Borneo/Sumatra, which are hunted and isolated. They lost half of their habitats for the palm oil production. My inspiration is always related to political and social injustices. My new collection SW20 “Goldfish in Aleppo” is about the work of  White Helmets and the war in Syria. I have strong prints with political and social messages. Also, the production is handmade in Switzerland and Germany. The fabrics have a high quality. Everything is ethically produced. 


What value are you trying to create through your work?

I don’t close my eyes from bad things happening every day in our world. With my brand, I will open eyes and speak loud what`s going wrong in our society. All people who have the intelligence and money should do something good for the poor and for a better world. The value of my collection is high-quality products, ethically produced and related to social engagement.