Instagram Promotion Strategy for B2B Companies

Any social media marketing strategy is incomplete without Instagram. It has become a leading platform catering to numerous advertisers, designers, influencers, and most importantly, consumers. The second most downloaded application from the Apple Appstore, Instagram has over 116 million users from the United States alone, followed by 73 million users from India. By looking at these numbers, it becomes obvious that there is neck to neck competition and one has to put in a lot of effort to survive and thrive. As a B2B firm, your marketing strategy needs to be different from others. Here you are not just selling products and services, but a promise of business growth and development.

Stick to a schedule

As cliched it sounds, a schedule helps in the growth of your account. Being consistent is crucial, especially if you are starting afresh. If you are posting content once or twice a month, it is simply insufficient. Your account then lies in the inactive category. Outline how often you should post, at what time, analyze your target audience. Circle around a fixed brand message for your profile.

Be More Interactive

Giving a personal touch to your profile engages more audience. Live videos are versatile, you can inform your audience of new services, introduce them to your operations, and even host a Q&A session. For instance, if your company caters to micro designers and provides them with a platform, you can host live sessions with them. By doing this you are not only promoting your designers but also making your audience aware of the collaboration. Ask your designers to share the Live on their platform, this will increase the visibility of your content and company.

Don’t Ignore the Brand

Don't be too commercial in your approach by only posting sales content on the product or service you are offering. The audience often fails to connect with such a brand at a deeper level. You need to focus on brand building as well. Instead, post general quotes, connect with your audience by making them aware of your value system and the cause you support. Make sure your content isn’t far removed from your brand identity. Explore related concepts, and experiment with the content you post keeping the company’s core values in mind.

Utilize all Instagram Tools

The application has geared towards business profiles and most of its features can be readily used for marketing. With a more active young audience, these features are made to attract their eye. One of the most used features is Instagram stories. Launched in 2016, it is popularly believed to be an effort to emulate Snapchat. Stories can be used in many ways for marketing. In 2019 more than 500 million users watched stories daily. These can be further saved into 'Highlights' for later viewing. The latest addition to Instagram features is 'Reels'. Ever since TikTok has been banned in India and the United States, content creators have switched to Reels to post-transitional videos. It can be used to promote your product and services. Lastly, use stickers like polls, music icons, or emoji sliders. When a user responds to your stories, it sends a signal to the Instagram algorithm, increasing your ranking amongst other creators.

Billions of views and likes are handed over to content creators, by getting your things in line you can cop them too. Switch your account to a business account, identify your target audience, be consistent when it comes to posting content, and be original. Make the most of all the free tools provided by Instagram and post at the right time. In today’s world, where everyone is in a race to earn bread, it can often be difficult to stay motivated. Just stay true to the story you are trying to tell.