How a Designer's Creative Identity influences Brand Positioning?

The designer’s creative identity is defined by their inspiration, vision, and purpose for their brand. This defines the brand market positioning. Market positioning in-turn defines the target customer segment which helps strategise the brand’s distribution strategy by identifying retail partners which draw the clientele the brand is targeting. Since strong brand identity enables strong market positioning, clarity of vision and purpose from the designer can competitively position the brand in the market with a well-defined customer segment and distribution strategy.

Successful brand positioning requires establishing points of parity and difference to provide the reasons why consumers should buy the brand. A designer’s unique creative identity, which eventually translates into brand identity, serves as a point of difference, hence providing competitive advantage vis-a-vis other brands in the market. Some of the questions the designer needs to ask themselves to define their creative identity would include,

Which past experiences would you say have shaped your work, design sensibilities, & aesthetic?

What is your personal philosophy and social beliefs in life?

What inspires your work?

How would you define your own personal style?

What is your vision for yourself and your brand going forward?

What value are trying to create through your work?

Once a designer has successfully answered these questions they can define their value system and the precise niche in the market they aspire to occupy. This can then in turn help them define the characteristics of their ideal customer. The target customer can be defined in terms of their demographic (gender, age, income, profession), behavioural (browsing behaviour), psychographic (lifestyle traits like personality, status, attitude, desires) and geographic (geo location) features. Using this information the designer can identify what the customer wants and the best way to meet that requirement.

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