Fast fashion has at present saturated the global market. Awareness around its harmful impacts on the environment and society is rapidly increasing, causing a shift of focus to the more sustainable slow fashion model. The importance and need for sustainable fashion are growing across the globe, while in Berlin it is at its peak. Thankful to a shift in acceptance and appreciation for sustainable or environment-friendly fashion.

The capital of Germany, Berlin may not hold the crown of being a fashion capital but it is moving towards another big title of being the 'Green Fashion Capital'. Berlin is today known for its sustainable and ethical fashion industry which is rapidly growing. The green spaces and clean-living style contributing to the organic way of life in Berlin is aspirational.

Rise in number of Sustainable brands

Berlin today has notable designers who are encouraging sustainability and proving that green can be pleasing to the eye aesthetically. Today Berlin knows how to do the sustainable fashion right. With the growing number of sustainable brands, Berlin today is the Mecca for anyone who is working or interested in sustainability. The online community of influencers and bloggers are promoting green fashion. The #slowfashion is trending like never before.

Sustainable Fashion Market in Germany

Watching the Berlin sustainable market expand, a lot of new designers and brands based on slow and ethical fashion are trying to enter this market. There are a few essential insights into the current fair and sustainable fashion market of Berlin that will help them to understand the current market scenario and customers of the fair market. This will also be helpful to forecast the future of the market as well as its position.

With the changing times and an increase in awareness of sustainability, slow fashion is no longer a niche. People are proud to wear and consume sustainable fashion products, they feel like responsible global citizens. The market is expanding rapidly and in Germany, we expect a high-speed acceleration in the overall fair fashion and textiles market as told by various professionals and data sources. In a period of 6 years, turnover of this market in Germany went up by sevenfold from 16,3 million euros to 129,1 million euros with a huge rise from 2016 to 2017 and with increased revenue by about 66%. This positive development is seen in the form of a constant rise in the number of shops, companies, brands, and market of sustainable and ethical fashion.

Where to shop ethically in Berlin?

We have listed the top 3 sustainable fashion brands in berlin as per our research.

Rank 1: Wertvoll

The brand buys hand-picked pieces from brands known for their environmentally and people-friendly production. Their fashion is handmade, made from environmentally friendly fabrics and produced fairly. Neither humans nor animals are harmed. They know that they can save the world a little by shopping.

Rank 2: Sommergold.

They offer the way out of uniformed boredom in having to be dressed representatively. With their design, the good fit and the predominantly organically produced certified materials, they prove that representative clothing can be fun.

Rank 3: WESEN

Everything in WESEN is created under fair working conditions and also has further sustainable, local and ecological advantages. Over time, more and more products from other such brands with similar principles came into this room. In 2017 we moved around the corner to Tellstraße and continue to offer special, fair, durable and well-made things with an eco-friendly background.

Consumer perspective on Sustainable fashion in Berlin

It saves the planet. They think it is healthy for the planet they live on and is good for their surroundings. It protects their health and they believe now it is high time to take care of nature and protect it. It helps the people who make their clothes. There are some ugly happenings in the production plants, by buying fair clothes they protect such hazards in their own way. The life of workers is at risk, hence protecting them from hazards by switching to sustainable clothing.

It is long-lasting. Green clothes are not only less toxic, they last longer and are more durable. They may not be trendy all the time but they last long and are nature-friendly, hence cost-effective. They are proud of their clothing. Even though it may be a little more expensive, they know where it is coming from, nobody’s getting harmed, and it is for a good cause. They feel that they are responsible citizens and are supporting fellow humans. Green fashion is not only about the environment but also about fellow humans who are working hard for sustainable fashion to work and be environment friendly.