In Conversation with Melissa A. Day

Artist and Designer,

Detroit, Michigan

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

I romanticise the idea of travel. I’m a home body, I like to stay where I am. Even if I go somewhere beautiful, in a few days I feel like it would be better if I were home. 


Your favourite film and book that motivate & inspire you.

My favourite book of all time is The Fall by Albert Camus. I think it has many different interpretations,  but it is to me about the human condition. We are all flawed, to a large degree self-absorbed. It is very introspective in the way it gives us a picture of how we are. There’s a lot of wit and humour to it as well. We are all flawed as humans.


I really like filmmakers Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson. I think they have some sort of dry wit and humour, but also very real. I wish visually my work could contain the beauty that they create. I feel like each film still, is a work of art, I like the worlds that they create. 


Tell us something about your brand.

My clothing line is a sort of exploration, like when I’m working with my paintings. I would sometimes look at my paintings, I would step back and say what if I just found it this way. That way I would know if it was finished or if I felt like it had come to be what it was meant to be. With my clothing, I’m doing the same exploration. I find second-hand clothes and develop them into my own aesthetic. It has the same feel as my artistry, so looking for different textures and colours. A lot of my clothing has a raw hem, it has a lot of history and I’m creating my own history with it. 


Can you tell us more about your product development process?

It’s very solitary, artistic. I find items of clothing, I visualise how I want it to be, do some hand stitching. It is sort of like sculpting. It happens without too much thought, I know how I want the fabric to feel, but it is also very unconscious in the way it happens. Very organically. That inspires something to bring in other pieces as well. ​