In Conversation with Glaucia Stanganelli

Creative Director,


Who are your favourite artists and designers?

I love what Alexander McQueen did with fashion. I think he opened the doors to so much more creativity in the industry. I love Morgane Le Fay with that fairy tale like visual. Iris van Herpen that mixes art with fashion and technology, that’s beautiful. And of-course Stella McCartney, teaching us ethical fashion in the luxury world, I think that’s beautiful. I think these designers are making much more than fashion, they are making statements, sending a message through their collections. 


What is your favourite travel destination and why?

I always love to go back to Brazil, especially Florianopolis. It is recharging for me. I feel very connected there. I have so many friends, family, and nature is just beautiful there and so raw. 


Your favourite book, film, activity - that motivate & inspire you.

At the moment, ‘The Secret’ the documentary is my favourite film. I want to remind myself as much as possible that we are all creating the universe around us all the time, and this documentary shows it beautifully. And also ‘Inner Worlds Outer Worlds’, I think they are both very inspiring and enlightening in that way. I also like this documentary on Quantum Physics. 

In music preferences, I love Indie and Alternative music, I listen to Imagine Dragons, yoga mantras, and so on.

Tell us something about your brand.

Philosofee is about unique beautiful pieces, both inside and outside, with meaningful details. Everything is tailored to flatter, and elevate our confidence so we can be the best versions of ourselves. The purpose is to empower women to be graceful yet powerful. We all have this inside us, I think we just need to activate and cultivate it, be aware of it. 

The aesthetic is to be elegant at all moments, fabulous, and chic. 


What value are you trying to create through your work? 

Definitely do business in an ethical and sustainable way, being practical and successful. As I said before, the biggest way to change is through a product. If we want a better world, we start consuming better product. It is a cycle, trading fairly and respectfully across the entire production chain, it comes back to us. Knowing that you are giving your money for a company that does the best for people and the planet makes you feel good. It will come back to you. We are planting the seeds all the time. I don’t want to wear something that was made in an unfair hateful environment, or to consume from a company that contaminates the soil for example. I want the opposite. I want to know that I’m doing everything in a regenerative way as much as possible. Like if I took out a tree I plant four back, and so on. 


The last thing, I touch so much the point of being feminine in my aesthetic, but I think that goes beyond that for me. I value being a woman, understand the importance of honouring ourselves so we can have the world shaped to a more matriarchal society instead of trying to be like a man. No, we can be a strong woman in a woman way, in a feminine and graceful way.