Vanna Sann

Kampot, Cambodia

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

We are a Cambodia-based, men's and women's clothing manufacturer. Produced in-house start to finish, our versatile designs are carefully crafted in soft, breathable, cotton jersey. In addition to our own label, we offer customized merchandise, contract manufacturing and wholesale opportunities for partners in all industries.
Through intentional design, informed sourcing, and ethical production, we create contemporary apparel for work, weekends, and travel.
While the majority of our staff work under one roof at our Kampot, Cambodia production studio, we ship our international e-commerce orders from our Australian HQ - B2B T-SHIRTS
We work with some of Cambodia and Australia's most innovative companies and organizations to produce ethical apparel. Our regular customers include Atlassian, Engineers Without Borders, Woodleigh School, SHE Investments and many more. We have numerous small-batch clients working in the hospitality industry throughout Cambodia and Australia, as well as those working in the emerging health and wellness sector.

We choose to produce using remnants from Cambodia’s ubiquitous garment industry and source with two goals: to fall in love with colour and feel, and to prioritise longevity of quality.
Remnant fabric (also known as "deadstock" or "surplus") is unused and unwanted leftover rolls of cloth in its original condition. As a result of Cambodia’s pervasive garment manufacturing industry and issues that occur along the fashion industry’s incredibly complex supply chain, vast amounts of fabric are deemed unusable by brands on a daily basis. This waste arises due to incorrect or oversupply of cloth, last minute changes in production schedules and the ever-increasing need for brands to be immediately responsive and adaptive to fast fashion trends. When sourcing factory remnants, we’re not privy to the origin or composition of fabrics. Consequently, we burn-test materials to ensure it has very little or no synthetic fibres then pre-wash new fabric, testing for colour fastness and shrinkage. Through running a safe, fair and supportive garment production space, we offer workers an alternative- to learn and grow in an environment that supports them as individuals and as skilled workers.

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