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Sugandh Agrawal

4630 Center Blvd, Apt 1005, Long Island City, New York 11109

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

GUNAS is an independent high fashion label with a cause launched in 2009 by designer and animal lover, Sugandh G. Agrawal. This brand aims to showcase fashion without causing any harm to other living things. We scream love for animals and we promote veganism.

With a mission and vision as such, the brands’ main material is a perfect alternative for plastic called Mulbtex. It is a cotton base coasted with mulberry leaf pulp which has its own silky shine making it water proof and weather proof and as strong as silk.

This initially began as an all MADE IN NYC label, has now gone global to source and manufacture bags and shoes using artisan and small-scale ethical manufacturers from countries such as India, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Hong Kong. With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, wallets and backpacks GUNAS has a bag to suit your every mood and lifestyle needs.

Over the past decade, this brand won several titles by some prestigious names in the fashion and activism world. 2018 GUNAS wins MACY's Best Retail Handbag Award by an Independent Designer, a global contest open to women of minority origin just to name one.

You can spot GUNAS bags in movies and TV shows such as A Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Isn’t It Romantic, Let’s Make A Deal, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Christmas At The Square and many more!

GUNAS is a woman owned, mission driven luxury handbag brand. We bring a new standard to fashion and are committed to being 100% vegan, animal-friendly and incorporate sustainable and ethical practices in our manufacturing.
We create versatile stylish and functional pieces to suit your fashion forward wardrobe while employing the most innovative, high quality and sustainable materials that are luxurious to the touch but always cruelty-free. This includes our most recent innovation in plant-based vegan leather called “Mulbtex” made from mulberry tree leaves. We help save over 30,000 animals from the leather trade each year and recycle over 20,000 plastic bottles, which are incorporated in our lining fabrics. Our “Give Back” program supports animal welfare and allows us to donate a percentage of our profits to several sanctuaries and organizations around the globe. Our brand is PETA-Certified with fans in over 40 countries worldwide. With GUNAS you can now maximize your style and minimize your footprint.

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