Sofiia Rusynovych

Kyiv, Ukraine

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

The ROUSSIN brand was created in August 2014, and since 2016 is a resident of the Ukrainian Fashion Week. We pay attention to the social problems of modern times and find effective ways to solve them. Every collection is characterized by innovations. It is a symbiosis of classics and sports. Our DNA - is the use of reflective elements for road safety.
Sustainable fashion is one of the main vectors of brand development. Our team pay public attention to the problem of pollution of the Planet with plastic, demonstrate the need for recycling and make society rethink its attitude towards consumption.

Sustainability – is one of the main vectors of ROUSSIN development. We try to use no-waste technology, creating clothes from the remains of fabric, that left after the production of collections; and to use the entire resource of the fabric, even its defective parts, by painting them. Also we customize unsold items from old collections and use them in new ones.
Earlier, we launch plastic bag recycling into production (we made bags from used polyethylene packages and films).
Now we are developing a pattern, which will give us an opportunity to produce a minimum amount of waste after cutting.

Latest Collection