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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Swiss brand RAMONAERB was founded in Berlin 2017. The time in the rude city really shaped her work. Most of the people there on the street are unfriendly, disrespectfully and straight. This behaviour and how people treated each other had a big impact on finding her inspiration and designing her collections. Also the huge flow of refugees from Syria had a big impact to found her brand with social commitment.
In every season she donates 10 Euros per sold piece to a charity organisation. the inspiration is always related to political and social injustices.

RAMONAERB stands for fair or local production, high quality jersey and bio cotton pieces, colourful prints on silk blouses/dresses with deep political and social messages. RAMONAERB uses traditional fabrics from the inspired country and supports therefore the local production.

RAMONAERB is against Fast Fashion and Fashion Waste.

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