Melissa A. Day

Detroit, Michigan

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Melissa is a Detroit based designer and artist. Her work is a reflection of a reconstructed history and is deeply rooted in collage work. Her clothing line is a sort of exploration, like her paintings. She would look at her paintings, step back and think what if she just found it this way. That way she knows if it is finished and had come to be what it was meant to be. With her clothing she is doing the same exploration. She finds second hand clothes and develops them into her own aesthetic. It has the same feel as her artistry, so looking for different textures and colours.

Melissa works with second hand clothing and develops them into her own aesthetic. Her work involves recycling and upcycling of used clothes. Her vision is to keep working in sustainable fashion. She wants her customers to wear her clothes and feel a part of the sustainability initiative.

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