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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

The luxuriously modern Indian love story. ‘Inheritance India’, an age-old Indian silk house founded in 1930 evolved into the brand, Silkwaves, in 2001. It is a contemporary and progressive design house that uses the heritage practice of hand block printing, dyeing, and manufacturing, each piece beautifully hand printed by skilled artisans of India. At this design studio we emphasise on minute detailing which makes every product a piece of art and a prized possession of the wearer. Silkwaves archives of numerous block variations have evolved over the past eight decades. Designs from different eras, styles, and themes have been curated. These include Mughal, traditional Indian, British, floral, geometric, intricate copper, bold and contemporary designs. The skilful transition of motifs on the textile make each piece a joy for the creator and a priced possession of the wearer. At Silkwaves we design for the true connoisseur of art and artisanal products. The amalgamation of traditional designs with contemporary styles, we offer Modern Indian luxury at its best.

Silkwaves is a brand that has imbibed values in each product crafted till date. Our products are made of good quality eco-friendly and natural materials. For creation of each product, the artisans, makers and creators are paid fair wages. Our core value is to be committed to reviving and sustaining traditional Indian artisanal techniques in creation of each product. Our vision is to keep the craft of hand block printing alive in this era of technology. Our mission is to retain the authenticity of this traditional technique and preserve the handmade blocks created decades ago. We create employment to support the artisans who have kept this craft alive for decades.

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