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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Established in 2015 by Maggie & Anthony, Indecisive as a brand is inspired by a sense of nostalgia for effortless days. The collective embodies an effortless and natural style while embracing a laid back culture. Our mission is to become the most inspiring artisan crafted, sustainable label and we pledge that our products will always be made in Australia (always reach for the stars). All of our garments are made in small batches in Australia. We treat every garment with care and always invest attention in the small details to create timeless and long lasting items. We are passionate about manufacturing in Australia and ensuring that we create a company that benefits our employees and customers.

Through sustainable and thoughtful practices our key drivers for reducing our impact on the planet are water consumption and pollution control, waste management and mitigation and thoughtful fabric and design selection. At Indecisive we do not use any animal products and support people fighting for animal rights. We use ACO certified organic cotton jersey that is grown in India and spun and woven in Australia. Our linen is a premium European linen which comes from Flax grown along the Western European coastline stretching as far from the Netherlands to France. European conditions produce strong, lengthy fibres which allow flax to reach up to 1 metre in height. This gives European flax a high breakage point when compared to flax produced in other parts of the works, making European linen the highest quality in the world. Our employees are protected under the Australian Fair Work Act and paid higher than the Australian Standard Textile, clothing, footwear and associated Industries Award 2010. We have flexible working agreements in place and ensure that our employees are continually developing and enhancing their skill set.

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