Julia Kaja Hrovat


Julia Kaja Hrovat

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

A young fashion designer, Julia Kaja Hrovat creates a brand bearing her name. This new women’s collection has a pronounced definition of identity. Her designs are motivated and derived from the history, culture and heritage of her surroundings and origins. Each one of her collections has been focused on the query of identity. A Visual transfer of symbols originating from the cultural heritage as well as the architecture creating garments with which she desires to emphasise the identity of the Slovene nation along with its history and as such creates timeless designs messaging it’s values. Her designs are for women of all ages. Julia Kaja creates for the confident woman, she is a dreamer, she is strong, smart, seductive, real and loves life.

Julia Kaja Hrovat is a Slow Fashion designer that creates classic pieces of clothing that never go out of fashion. The brand is inspired by rich cultural heritage for strong, independent and sassy women.

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