Queen's Wood Studio


Hattie Wragg

Brno, Czech Republic

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Hattie Wragg is a British born jewellery designer and creative director of sustainable contemporary jewellery brand Queen’s Wood Studio. Her work is strongly inspired from Dadaist art and literature. She works in collaboration with her material and sees her work as a form of collage. Her vision is to create but without a big footprint. Her jewellery has natural curves and is peaceful to look at.

Hattie uses recycled silver and gold along with reclaimed and vintage gemstones to create her jewellery. Hence her collection is very limited as she can’t get large amounts of the same thing. But she approaches every piece as a new challenge and a new story to create. So what started as a desire to be sustainable feeds back into her work. Her packaging is recycled and she uses non-toxic alternatives to chemicals like Citric acid in her studio.

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