Glaucia Stanganelli

Los Angeles

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Glaucia Stanganelli is a Brazilian designer based in Los Angeles. She is the Creative Director of a contemporary womenswear brand, Philosofée. Her design aesthetic is very feminine with a playful attitude. Glaucia draws inspiration from her years growing up in Brazil, living in various cities across the globe, and learning ballet. She believes the best way to change is through consuming better products, produced in an ethical and sustainable fashion.

Glaucia believes that though a business is meant to be profitable, it can be done in an ethical and sustainable way. By doing good for the planet and the people, in a regenerative way. The biggest way to change is through a product. If we want a better world we should start consuming better products. Products that were made respecting people and the environment. Her aesthetic is very feminine because she values being a woman. She wants people to understand the importance of honouring ourselves so we can have the world shaped to a more matriarchal society instead of trying to be like a man. One can be a strong woman in a woman way, in a feminine and graceful way. 

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