Too Damn Expensive


Elisabeth Vestli aka. Charlie Black

Oslo, Norway

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Too Damn Expensive encapsulates an intelligent sense of design with timeless and luxurious pieces. Collections are subtle yet strong with sharp tailoring and fit. We focus on making cool and interesting quality garments that can be transformed and used in different ways, by either detaching parts or changing the garment itself. Most of our garments have that feature, so you will have several garments in one. We always have a neutral colour palette - black, white, grey, or nude as they are classic and can be used in combination with everything. They have an edge to them but are not trend driven, so they cannot be out the next season. We design with a classic element and together with craftsmanship, the pieces are made to last and be wardrobe staples.

Sustainability is considered in every choice and every step along the way. We are making quality garments that are made to last and being used in different ways. We mostly use the soft and silky fabric tencel/lyocell which is sustainably regenerated from wood cellulose and is one of the most environment friendly regenerated fabrics. It is also biodegradable. We don’t order excess stock and consider the packaging. We also set demands to our factory about employee wellfare.

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