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Cleo de Laet

Copenhagen, Denmark

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Cleo de Laet is a Belgium-born Slow Fashion designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her eponymous brand seeks to elevate fashion clothing to an experience by giving the consumers the option to buy sewing kits and sew high-end fashion garments themselves. The designer is deeply influenced by art and architecture. Her motive is to make people treat clothes as valuable items to be handed down through generations. She was first inspired by sewing magazines and aspires to bring high-end fashion to DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion.

The brand concept is a slow approach to fashion. The designer seeks to influence its consumers to see fashion clothing as valuable items. It elevates its designs to an experience that the consumers can acquire by becoming a part of the sewing process. The designer believes such pieces will be longer cherished by the wearer. The brand only sources sustainable fabrics from environmentally and socially conscious suppliers. Also, they only work with production houses who pay the right wages to their workers.

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