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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Asha Scaria founded Swara in an effort to provide employment opportunities to the artisans in the tribal village of Dungarpur, Rajasthan. Today the brand combines Dungarpur workmanship with the Indigo dyes of the Akola village to design comfortable chic silhouettes in Indian prints. Their vision is to employ 100 women in 3 years and explore 6 different crafts.

They employ women tailors with a remuneration above market price, provide them with creative autonomy, and train them in the latest industry know-how. They enable rural women to break out of their stereotypical roles by engaging them in out-the-norm professions like modelling, designing and marketing through capacity building and mentorship. By training the women on-the-job, the brand enables them to acquire skills in training, designing and local business practices.

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