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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Antoninias Smogavc is a Slovenia-based designer and Creative Director of her eponymous label. Antoninias is an ethical resort-wear brand with a key focus on sustainable production. The designer seeks to empower women by means of her designs which capture a woman's body in its truest essence. 

At Antoninias we are very protective about how people are treated, following ethical practices, and sustainability. We come from a very sustainable country and respect a clean environment. That is why our collections are very limited. All our sourcing and production happens locally to minimise transportation requirements. All waste is either used in packaging or donated to a school to be used for education. Our core concept is women empowerment and we only work with local women. We do not support the idea of people being used and believe that everyone should have the same opportunity and be respected for what they do.

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