The MAnnequin Collection


Anastasia Boufta

Thessaloniki, Greece

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Hi everyone! We are the M and the A of the MAnnequin collection! Two sisters, two souls! Our collections might be small, but they're also unique! Every single garment is designed and sewn by our team in Greece and comes in a limited number of pieces, so that every MAnnequin girl can feel special and unique when wearing our designs! Our philosophy is that we design what we feel! From one collection to the next, one thing remains constant, our love of combining colours, patterns and textures. Why don't you join us in our fun game and be a MAnnequin girl with us!

Melina & Anastasia

**Useful notes

You are a true MAnnequin girl, if :

* you are not afraid to try new styles
* you want to stand out
* you like to experiment with different colours and textures
* you dress for yourself, not for the others
* you value quality and uniqueness

As a female, forward-thinking company, we have focused on a direct-to-consumer model, selling our products mainly online through our E-shop and we manufacture clothing on-demand, i.e. we make pieces once customers purchase them. We, also, collaborate with selected boutiques around the world from season-to-season.

Latest Collection