Ana Duarte

Lisbon, Portugal

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About the brand

Our Conscious Initiative

Ana Duarte is a Lisbon based designer and Creative Director of sustainable sportswear luxury brand, Duarte. Ana draws inspiration from her love for sports, nature, colour, and comfortable yet feminine personal style. Conscious about the body and movement, her pieces are ergonomically designed. She creates for people who wear clothes for their love for the story behind them. The pieces are about the details, quality finishes and materials, allying classic tailoring and sportswear techniques, the garments are made to last a lifetime.

We try to do everything as sustainably as possible. All of our manufacturers are Portuguese and Spanish and sustainable in their manufacturing process. We work with seamstresses as the production is small. We are trying to source materials that are recyclable for the next season, and although we want to sell more of our brand, we want to sell sustainably.

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