Mirela de Lacerda

Archetypal Branding Strategist, Mentor

MA Fashion Entrepreneurship, London College of Fashion


Mirela de Lacerda is a brand strategist, mentor, lecturer at London College of Fashion and founder of Project M. With 15 years’ experience working in the fashion and beauty industries, she has helped companies – from up and coming fashion labels to giants like L’Oréal – understand the core of their business by tackling the meaning, motivation and mindset that surround them, developing positioning, marketing and communication strategies based on the concept of archetypal branding.

Project M London is an emotional branding consultancy aimed at startups and middle-size businesses. Applying the concept of archetypes, the services are tailored to find the motivation behind the brand, create its meaning and develop a mindset. Archetypes are timeless, cross-cultural symbols that are part of our collective unconscious and create instant identification. They unite image + emotion, working like a compass, always pointing to the brand’s north. The benefits of their application include: For customers: a clearer brand image, leading to stronger engagement between the consumer and the brand. For companies: by identifying the deep human truth underlying the brand, they understand who they really are, giving meaning to all aspects of the business and providing a consistent, long-run plan to rely on.

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