Dr Anil Jain

Textile Processing and Development

Ph.D Textile Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

New Delhi, India

Dr Jain comes with an experience of 30 years in various Textile organizations in India and abroad of international repute. He is experienced not only in cotton processing but also wool, silk, viscose, and polyester blends. As a textile processing consultant, he can guide new product development with superior features like less frequently washed, odour free, antibacterial garments, water repellent, stain repellent, quick dry, shrinkage resistant textiles, on all types of fibres. His expertise also extends to cost reduction, process optimization, productivity improvement, system development for right first time in various types of textile fabrics (Cotton, viscose, bamboo, jute silk, wool, polyester and their blends) in dyeing, printing and finishing.

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