Adila Cokar

Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing

Applied Design in Fashion Design & Technology, Kwantlen University College

Toronto, Canada

Qualified by 15+ years’ experience working in the fashion industry in areas of product development, sourcing and manufacturing garments overseas. She has an extensive travel history of working with vendors, managing and establishing relationships & improving production processes. She is committed to personalized service, customized ideas and superior outcomes in producing quality workmanship on time, on budget and to specification. Her speciality is helping brands create sustainable and ethically made products. She is the author of the book Source My Garment, a comprehensive guide in creating responsibly made, profitable products. As the founder of The Good Tee, she also offers businesses a responsible alternative to printing on Fairtrade tees.

Adila is an expert recognized as a profit oriented, creative and practical problem solver to help you provide expertise on garment sourcing and on the technical capability of suppliers. Analyze production processes and identify areas of improvement. Correctly plan an effective and timely production strategy. Analyze, negotiate costing and time and action calendars with garment vendors. Provide expertise on product feasibility that determine style marketability in relationship to price and demographic target market. Develop and monitor prototype samples for fit, quality, execution & construction based on company direction. Her speciality is eco-Friendly Product Development and Production.

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