In Conversation with Katherine Lee

Fashion Designer & Founder,

Claret Rondel, Los Angeles-USA

Who are your favorite designers?

I love Dries Van Noten and Christian Dior. Noten's collections are very artful. He has this intelligence to play with colors and prints and always has this artful quality to his pieces. Every collection is meticulously created and has harmonious narrative. He’s so great with story-telling.


What is your favorite travel destination and why?

I’m deeply in love with Paris, Italy and London. I honestly can’t choose between them. There are so many depending on what I want to be inspired by. Museums, art shows, boutiques and galleries all around Europe, getting out there and seeing what is happening in the world of design is so valuable. There is so much inspiration to be found.


What is your favorite activity that motivates & inspires you?

I love to visit museums, it is my passion. As an artist and designer, I want to be consistently educating my eyes and challenging myself. So I’m always looking to grow as a designer and a business person. So sometimes just chatting with different people around the world inspires me to do it. As I’m spending time with them, listening to their stories and past experiences, I find them really valuable. I loved the Louvre in Paris, and when I was in London I loved going to the small exhibitions.

Tell us something about your brand.

Multi-culturalism is at the heart of Claret Rondel. Honoring tradition and innovation is integral. Each collection is inspired by the mixture of American heritage and European energy creating the brand aesthetic with an unconventional character. The brand expands on individuality by offering iconic designs and sharing an interesting story behind it. I feel like story telling is most important. No matter what you do, the process and design, everything has to be one story.