Which past experiences would you say have shaped your work, design sensibilities, & aesthetic?

I was very lonely as a child, so art was a way for me to create and have whatever I wanted. Also being raised in a family full of artists made it hard to run away from it. I’ve just always had a huge fascination with art that I decided to study art in high school in Portugal and that was a key moment in my life because it helped me understand my potential and worth. In terms of personal experiences, I’ve always been a bit depressive so usually, all my work themes have sad connotations. I guess all I do comes from what I’m feeling.


What are your personal philosophy and social beliefs in life?

Tough question that I’m still trying to find an answer to until then I will always tell myself to decide that I want something for then I am not afraid of it. Although I fail to practice it, it is something I believe in a lot.


What’s your personal style?

My style has been described as very circus-like and I can see why. It’s very figurative and colourful although I have been trying to steer away from that and create more disturbing and violent images because I have such a big fascination with that aesthetic. I love work that portrays anything that is gore so I’m trying to explore those topics with my own dark sketch-like style. I usually draw women as they have beautiful body traits and I’m used to using myself as a reference so usually, the women I draw resemble my appearance. Manga and Anime have also had a big impact on my work, they fascinate me.


What inspires your work & What is your vision for your craft?

I am a very objective person, whereas someone could explain their work’s purpose for hours, I’m pretty straight forward when I say I just want to create beautiful images that please me and the public. My goal, for now, is to do some short illustration books and publish them and then go on making comic or manga-like books. But I’ll need some more practice in story writing. I try to portray what I feel and try to perfect my skills through grotesque and gory images. I don’t know why but I also love London Underground’s tunnels and all stations, it scares me but fascinates me how there are miles and miles of tunnels underground so I’ve done a few pieces of work based on that. Love anything clownish and circus-like from the thirties but in a very dark way, love old stuffed animals, kid’s toys... so anything relating to childhood and making it disturbing is fun to draw.


Who are your favourite artists in your field of work?

Illustration - Shintaro Kago (@shintarokago1969) is my ultimate favourite, France van stone (@wagonized), Takashi Murakami (@takashipom), Takato Yamamoto.


Painting- Christian Rex Van Minnen (@van_minnen), Andrew Salgado (, Teague Muir (@teaguemuir), Mark Zubrovich (@mzubrovich), Rebecca Leville Guai, Kazuhiro Hori (@chardinchardin), Mathew Stone.


Sculpture- Colin Christian (@colinchristian), Kaws


Your favourite travel destination & why?

I’d love to go to any country in Asia because every single country seems so different from what I am used to in Europe. I’d love to feel like an alien in a completely new environment and learn about new cultures.


Your favourite book, film, activity - that motivate & inspire you.

Film - Howl’s moving castle (or any studio ghibli movie), activity - drawing and dancing (it’s a beautiful connection between the body and music), Music - can’t choose, there’s so much good music but anything with a good beat and lyrics will definitely do the trick.


What value are you trying to create through your work? 

I’m so in love with what I do, I want to make this my career and keep creating. In Portugal, art has a bad reputation and people see us as lazy students who are trying to run away from ‘’hard careers’’, so it is really important to me too, one day, make them see that art requires blood, sweat, tears and all your soul. I want to contribute to the art industry and prove that doing art as a full-time job is not impossible.