Courtney Rodwell

Los Angeles

Courtney Rodwell is a Los Angeles based Photographer. She studied art, painting, and writing growing up and pursued photography through school and University. She believes it is important that your inner world is in harmony with your outer world so you can be your own authentic self. She wants to use her photography to bring truth to the world. Her style is dark, but in a very gentle and romantic way.

Carolina de Carvalho


Carolina de Carvalho is a Portuguese artist based in London. Her style is very Circus-like, figurative & colorful. most of her work themes have sad connotations. She likes to draw women & often uses herself as a reference. Manga & Anime have had a big impact on her work.

Devika Gupta


Devika Gupta is a Mumbai based graphic designer who likes to explore the narrative behind her visuals. Her work is strongly influenced by typography and the European ideals of design. She believes in creating work that is intrinsically motivated and draws inspiration from her interests in writing and music. Her favourite artists are Wassily Kandinsky, Claude Monet, Noma Bar, Mallika Favre, Timothy Goodman, and Josef Müller-Brockmann.

Arihant Chaturvedi


Arihant Chaturvedi is a Chennai-born & London-based photographer. He likes to dive deep into the motives of people to gather insight to help brands put the best version of themselves out there. With a Master’s degree in advertising from London College of Communication, he is a creative in the making.



Karthiknathan Sowbaghyanathan is graphic designer from Chennai currently studying Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins. His work is heavily inspired by pop culture with an added element of humour in the narrative he creates. He tries to use design as an intervention to change the way social issues are viewed.

Swetha Kanithi


Chennai born Graphic Designer & Illustrator, Swetha studied at the London College of Communication. She started her career with Dreamink, a project involving the illustration of people’s dreams, & is today the co-founder of Dearpost, a company that helps turn your favorite pictures into postcards.