In Conversation with Antoninias Smogavc

Creative Director,


What is your favourite travel destination and why?

My favourite travel destination so far in Egypt. I have been to a lot of places already, I do love nice things. I love Dubai for example because it is so glamorous, big, and clean, but it’s so fake at the same time. That’s why I like Egypt, because of its history, because it is 1000s of years old. The people are so humble there and they have so much energy, they inspire me every time I go there. Whenever I go there, I feel like I recover my soul again. I take a deep breath and make sure I am aware of what is important in life. 

Your favourite book, film, or music, that motivate & inspire you.

One of my favourite movies is ‘The Great Gatsby’. I love Leo’s character, very polite, very nice, and respectful of women. I love that. Everything that is happening in the film, from the architecture to beautiful sparkling houses, interiors, dresses is very fascinating. 

I don’t read much, I’m a very visual person. But lately, I have been reading many spiritual books in Slovenian. 

I like all sorts of music excluding metal and techno. Just like my style my choice of music depends upon my mood. Sometimes I can listen to traditional Slovenian, sometimes Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy, I fell in love with his music from Twilight, sometimes I can be very pop and commercial it really depends upon what I’m doing. 

Tell us something about your brand.

My point of view is that I don’t want to be very commercial. Right now I have this person in charge of digital marketing who keeps telling me that I need to be more commercial. I never want to classify my collections as spring/supper or autumn/winter. I just want to create my own art and forget about the rules. People will appear to love it and change with time. Just to be a bit more unique. 

All our collections are very theme based, we decide the fabrics accordingly. We don’t really go for the weather season thing right now because people travel and the weather is constantly changing. So we have pieces that can be for summer and winter in all the collections.

What value are you trying to create through your work? 

The value that I want to create is to be fair, fairness. I am very protective about how people are treated and about following ethical practices and sustainability. I come from a very sustainable country and I respect a clean environment, and that’s why my collections are very limited as well. So for instance if I run out of a particular fabric I would not order it again, I prefer to go to the local market and purchase the colour that is available and create something new. It works as our collections are so limited. We don’t create a lot of waste, whatever waste is created is sent to schools where it is used for education. We make sure every last bit of fabric is used either for packaging, bags, and shipping. We don’t use plastic at all. When it comes to transport, we minimise consumption by sourcing and manufacturing everything locally. 

Ethical as well as I do not support the idea of people being used. I want everyone should have the same opportunity and be respected for what they do. I only work with local women, for me, it is valuable as I can relate with them and for them, it adds value as they get to earn extra money which is supportive and good. This is how I want to keep on going, to show that all women can support each other, empower each other. To do good and get good back.